• ICC Reform "Step 7" Rate Reductions Summary

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    We have collected and summarized key ILEC terminating transport and end office rate elements in our ICC Reform "Step 7" Rate Reductions Summary. Critical rate elements to help you meet the standards and reduction requirements included in Step 6 of the FCC ICC/USF Reform Order, effective July 1, 2017.


    Rates are organized in an easily navigated spreadsheet format and are updated frequently at no additional charge.


    Terminating rate elements included are:

    • Common Trunk Port
    • Local Switching
    • Information Surcharge (if applicable)
    • Composite Terminating End Office Charge (CTEOC)
    • Dedicated Trunk Port (DTP)
    • Tandem Switched Transport

    Questions? Contact Ken Yeager kyeager@inteserra.com or Karen Ritter kritter@inteserra.com

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